This time of year always brings gratitude to the forefront of our minds. From our incredible team members to our terrific industry partners, vendors, and clients, we are grateful for the many things in our lives. But how do we express that gratitude throughout the year when the holidays are not upon us?

People make the property is our company mantra and one of the simplest forms of expressing gratitude is through kind gestures and thoughtful comments. A simple “job well done” or “thank you for your work today” can go a long way to demonstrate your appreciation for your team. Taking this one step further, handwritten notes for significant achievements or accomplishments is another great way to show your team how thankful you are having them be a part of it. Beyond this team lunches, team member recognition events, and other bonding activities can help show your team members that they are valued.

But it is not only your team that you should be grateful for, what about your clients, vendors, and industry partners? Where would we be without them? While we may send holiday cards in December, signs of gratitude throughout the year can go a long way to building enduring relationships that help your property or organization run smoothly. It can be a simple email, a friendly phone call, or even a quick in-person visit where you thank your external partners. Gestures need not be big to be impactful.

With the holidays upon us it is important to demonstrate our gratitude for everyone and every organization that makes our hotels and organizations succeed. But it may be even more important to continue these signs throughout the year. Displaying gratitude throughout the year makes it even more impactful when showing it during the holidays. And if there’s one thing to take away from the holidays, it’s that we should keep the spirit of thankfulness and humility with us throughout the year.